My Work


I direct, make plays and perform, have a lot of experience with work commissioned by United Nations agencies, development NGOs and the corporate sector. I perform by myself or with others and have a number of one-man shows with music. I also have a great deal of experience in the area of theatre and multimedia development communication. I have worked with people of all ages - from early childhood to adulthood - in a number of different languages. 

LECTURING: I have been a lecturer since 1967 - in England, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and France. I lecture in ideology and culture, literature, drama and development communication.

CONSULTANCY: I offer consultancies in arts education, development communication and theatre.

LANGUAGE TEACHING: I am currently working on a brand-new approach to teaching Zulu, which I hope to pilot in a few months' time.

BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AFRICAN ARTS EDUCATION: inviting scholars and students of African arts education to contribute

I have published translations of Xhosa poetry, South African popular plays, a study of theatre and cultural struggle in South Africa, a manual on making popular theatre, a survey of arts education in Southern Africa and numerous articles. While continuing this work, I am also in the process of developing new work of a non-academic kind.