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'A Journey to Yourself' by New Horizon Theatre Company
1. Theatre Services

I have over 40 years of experience, working in the theatre, theatre of all kinds, in all different places, with all different people and in all different languages. I have acted professionally in Amharic, performed numerous characters in Shona and Zulu, directed and made plays with infants, with children and young people, with students, and with professional actors and actresses. I direct, I make plays - I work collectively, I embrace the ideas of others and have some of my own.

I am available to do, advise, consult or assist in the areas of:
  • directing
  • playmaking
  • acting

2. Theatre and development communications
By this I mean forms of theatre or paratheatre that are instrumentalised - used - for a specific developmental objective. This may include uses for educational purposes, or health, law, employment, reconciliation and peace, gender equality, human rights etc. Included are forms such as TIE (Theatre-in-Education), Theatre for Development, Forum Theatre or Participatory Theatre Communication (PTC).

I have not only taught, devised courses and written on the uses of theatre but I have also been involved in designing, managing and implementing numerous projects.

I am available to advise, consult, manage, implement, supervise, monitor, evalue or report on development communication projects involving uses of theatre.

(See coming up: 'Development, education and the uses of theatre communication in African countries where English is spoken' (a complete reader for development.workers with case studies)

3.  Education: lecturing, training and workshop facilitation
I have been involved in both formal and informal arts education since 1967, mosttly lecturing at universities and colleges in England, France, South Africa, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. I played the principal part in founding Theatre Arts Departments at the universities of Addis Ababa and Zimbabwe, where I chaired the departments. I also played a principal part in the development of courses and curricula. I recently designed a Masters Programme for the new School of Theatre Arts in the college of Arts and Media at the Universiuty of Addis Ababa. I am also involved in the development of arts education in terms of policy and recently was a panelist at the 2nd UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul, Republic of Korea. 

I trained young people in theatre arts in Workshop '71 in South Africa, which I helped to found, and children and young people in CHIPAWO/Zimbabwe Academy of Arts Education in Zimbabwe, which I also helped to found and directed, as well as in various courses and workshops organised by Government, theatre associations and other organisations in Zimbabwe. I played key roles in the founding of the Zimbabwe Association of Community Theatre (ZACT), the Zimbabwe Association of Theatre for Children and Young People ZATCYP - ASSITEJ/IATA), of which I was chairman (1998-9) and the Southern African Theatre Initiative (SATI)., 

I have facilitated at a number of major workshops, conferences or colloquia.

I am available for teaching/lecturing, training and workshop facilitation in the following areas:
  • literature and theatre arts in general, practical and academic, with emphasis on Africa
  • theatre, education, development and communication
  • arts education and cultural policy

4.  Language teaching

Currently working on a brand new way of teaching contemporary Zulu as she is spoke with manual called 'Qava! Zulu Manje!!!: - keep you posted.

Recently completed a course for Emerging Media in Cairo, Egypt, for their call centre operators entitled "Language and communication through creative drama" - see report.

As far as I have been able to assess, there is no African Arts Education Bibliography. As a contribution to scholarship in the field, I have invited scholars and researchers in African Arts Education to join me in compiling one.

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