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posted 29 Aug 2011, 00:58 by Robert McLaren

In our efforts to get the South African organisation, CHISA, off the ground here we have arranged for Nokuthula Nzimande to travel up to Harare and spend two weeks with CHIPAWO, attending mini-festivals and end of year concerts and getting to know the children of CHIPAWO, the youth and those that work with them. 

CHIPAWO World is registered in South Africa. It's mandate is to facilitate the sharing of CHIPAWO's ideas and practice in other countries round the world. It is in the process of setting up a South Aftrican organisation modelled on CHIPAWO, called CHISA. It is within this framework that Nokuthula is going to Zimbabwe on an orientation attachment so that when she comes back to South Africa, she will have hands-on experience of CHIPAWO and hos it works with children. As yet the process is at the steering stage and so no appointments have been made. It is possible that as the process firms up, Nokuthula may join the CHISA staff in some capacity.