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Visit to Nigeria (2)

posted 29 Aug 2011, 01:04 by Robert McLaren
No longer Harare but Naija - my first visit to the giant of Africa. In Islamic culture, many women prefer to be accompanied by a male relative when they travel. This is called a mahram. So this has been my role here in Abuja, the nation's capital, for the last four days, being well-looked after by our hosts, Muslim Identity Kollektions. My daughter, Naima bint Robert, has been launching her new novel on Zimbabwe, autographing copies of her other publications, giving talks, visiting an orphanage, meeting school children, women at dinners given in her honour and visitors to an Expo, which was held here on Saturday and Sunday She also paid a day visit to Lagos to address another meeting and meet with women there. 

For me it was interesting to visit a country one has read so much about and whose literature is renowned worldwide. Abuja, being the seat of government and a new city, is hardly a true reflection of Nigeria as a whole. As mahram, I have largely been cast in a supporting role and attended events as a passive observer. I have also had more time to myself. which I have been able to use well in pursuing my own agendas.